Wow! It’s been such a wild year so far! And it looks like May is going to be my wildest month yet! There are lost of things happening and I will keep you posted but one thing at a time!

I attended the local Oh!41 Market in Central recently and traded alongside the girls from Mooi-Mooii and Kaleidoscope amongst others… Of course everyone wanted to know how it went and all my colleagues in the fashion / craft  / design industries who’ve either traded there before or have been wanting to try it out were keen to know if it was “worth it”… as you do when you run a small business and you can’t afford to attend markets as a hobby. Well, I wouldn’t say I did great… I did ok… I covered costs, enjoyed listening to the guy who sat on the grass jamming his guitar, hung out with my friend Chris who supplied me with coffee and a yummy sandwich & then I was introduced to Natalie by my friend (also a Natalie) and that is when I remembered why I do these markets………. and that is when I realised, this is SO “worth it” 🙂

I tried not to get too excited as we chatted and I looked at her range, not knowing where this would lead or whether she would even be interested in working with me, but a week later we were talking and today I’m really excited to introduce to you a stunning new label, “Just Nativ” by local designer Natalie Combley.

The name emphasizes the natural, unique, creativity of the designer and each piece embodies this design ethic. “Fabric quality is most imperative when designing. I enjoy working with natural, flowing cloth and adding a twist of personal craftsmanship to individual garments. My colours chosen for my ranges depend on my inspiration for that season, but I try to incorporate a blended colour tone through the whole range.”

Natalie graduated in 2011 in Stellenbosch after studying for 3 years at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design. In her final year of studying she was chosen amongst 20 other students from various fashion schools in the Western Cape to present a 5 piece range at the AFI Cape Town Fashion week which took place in July. This was a major honor and she gained a lot of self confidence as a designer during this time.

Under the banner of “Love The Girl Clothing”, I am super proud to say that as of 1st May, Just Nativ will be available at Cupboard Love, Hub on The Hill, Sugar Boutique as well as online and at the many markets attended by “Love The Girl Clothing”….